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Click and play instructions

The simple WoodHeroes Click & Play system:
build and play!

Easy as pie assembly with the WoodHeroes Click & Play kits.

Remove components from the packaging.

You may need to use a cutter to do this. You definitely won't need any more tools 😉

Put the components together according to the instructions.

This can be done with simple kits from the age of 6, complicated kits can be assembled without help from the age of 12.

Depending on the model: attach rubber rings.

They are made from natural latex.

If they no longer hold up, you can easily replace them with another rubber.

Play and have fun 

Our castles have the same principle:

Simply assemble according to the assembly instructions.


Then put different components together to form a castle or city, as the "terrain" allows.

You will find the Click & Play building instructions in every pack. If you don't have it to hand, you can search for the product on the homepage and download the instructions as a pdf file there.