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About Us

Introducing ourselves - the team behind WoodyKit!

Different views create better and creative solutions. Under this motto we - Verena, Julian & Fabian - found together and started to combine our skills. We all have two things in common: the never lost fun playing and a passion for wood.

Verena, studied education and born toy lover brings the necessary Know-How with and knows what to do with playful learning is to be respected. It is particularly important to her that she gets on with her work creates added value - as well as children as well as for parents. That's why the themes Fun, sustainability and safety her highest priority
 Verena, Teil von Woodykit
Julian, our woodworm, is a trained wood technologist and studied business administration. Be deep knowledge in the topic wood and wood-based materials is the WoodyKit puzzle piece, the one consistently high quality of wooden kits guaranteed. As a great friend of children (and sometimes even as a child :-) ), he is very good at it put it in the children's perspective and is therefore a constant source of ideas for the next projects.
Julian Teil von Woodykit
Fabian, sometimes affectionately called "Infrastructure Minister", makes sure that all WoodyKit customers have their Received the package quickly and safely. The right combination of functionality and beautiful design is what gives him satisfaction. Besides, he has Function of the team chef over, so that his qualification as "tourism clerk" also gets some application.



And where are we from?

We come all of them from Upper Austria, on the edge of the Limestone Alps we were allowed to grow up. Here we have it relation to nature built and the love of the forest as a habitat, as well Wood as a sustainable raw material learned to appreciate. That's why we see it as our duty the next generation again closer to nature bring to.


Nationalpark Kalkalpen

We do this by using WoodyKit wooden toys offer a good alternative to plastic toys!