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Eagle Fortress


A knight's castle like from the Middle Ages! The king and all his knights are warmly welcomed here. The strong wall gate provides effective protection against enemies. The wide corner tower with a door can be used to lock away intruders and villains.

The scope of delivery of this high-quality knight's castle includes:
1 x two towers,  which protect the corners of the castle well.
1 x Simple knight tower, which can also be used as a prison.
2 x Two high walls with battlements & battlements.
1 x Stall with 2 mangers to feed the horses & battlements on the roof.
1 x Burgtor with lockable gate leaves and plenty of space on the gate to make it easier to defend.

On this knight's castle are lots of great features and gameplay, that unreservedly encourage joy and imagination. To immerse yourself even more in the world of knights, the castle set can also be individually painted.



113- teilig
Alter: Spielen 6+ Montage ohne Hilfe 10+
Bauzeit: circa 120 Minuten

Zu der Burg gehören:
1 x Doppelter Turm
1 x Einfacher Ritterturm
2 x Zwei hohe Mauern
1 x Stall
1 x Burgtor

Zusammengesteckt hat die Adlerfestung eine Größe von circa 30 x 25 cm.


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Learning through play

Children start in young age with it, to use their hands and fingers, will the motor skills sustainably strengthened. The motto is: the sooner the better!

But not only the motor skills can develop with wooden toys, also Creativity is stimulated. Let your child be theirs with the expandable castle kits create your own world and yourself Make up and experience stories!

The WoodyKit wooden building sets for children are for children from 7 years to play with and assemble suitable!

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Away from cell phones

Every mother, every father knows it - once children have discovered the mobile phone, it is difficult to get them away from it again. With the WoodyKit you now have wooden toys the tool against it in the hand!

Already at Assembling the kit arises a ambitionto finish building the piece. Even when playing will every cell phone and tablet on the left left - because it is WoodyKit time!

Important there - the new one relation to the wood and so to Nature.

No plastic, no plastic, no other synthetic materials.

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Alle WoodyKits become ...

+ to 100% produced in Austria.

+ with European, untreated wood manufactured.

+ with Carefully packaged and shipped in Austria.

+ in developed in Austria and tested.

The sustainability and regionality of the toy is important to us because it is for us at important!

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